Where forward-thinking means... knowing what to sell

Hours and hours are spent on planning. And for good reason. When it goes wrong, retailers run out of products that shoppers really want. Or are left with tonnes of products that no-one wants. Billions in lost sales, costs and waste. We believe the best solution is to ask shoppers what they want and when they want it. We are here to make it easier to forecast, plan and deliver a great shopper experience.

Where forward-thinking means... saving money

As much as we like to buy things when we want them. We believe the system has been designed to drive this behaviour. More purchases, more credit, more fees. A system no longer fit for the future. With the cost of living crisis and a recession, we are here to save you money on your purchases, helping you build healthy, forward-thinking spending habits.

Our team

Daniel Parekh-Hill

Co-founder & CEO
Daniel is a data-driven entrepreneur, previously studying decision-making as a behavioural economist at LSE. Alongside his studies, he co-founded student accelerator programme, KickStart Global.

After graduating, he spent 3 years advising retail and tech companies at Bank of America, before leading commercial strategy at VC-backed scale-ups (Labster and goHenry).

Inspired by unresolved challenges in retail and the role of embedded finance, Daniel joined Entrepreneur First to co-found Flare with Alex.

Alex Hooper

Co-founder & CTO
Alex is a highly capable full-stack software engineer, with 5+ years building software in fintech and payments.

Studying geography at the University of Exeter, Alex taught himself how to code to launch his own start-ups. 4 years later, he was leading engineering teams at 11:FS to build world-class embedded finance products.

Frustrated by the way the financial system is geared towards consumer credit and impulsive behaviour, Alex joined Entrepreneur First to co-found Flare with Daniel.

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